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Chat Renewed for Another Year

03/19/2014 (05:20 PM)

We've managed to reach our goal and the chat has been renewed for another year. Thanks to everyone that donated.

Donations Needed to Keep Chat Open

03/16/2014 (12:00 AM)

Hi all, SASC is currently trying to raise money to pay for the chat next year. So far we've been able to raise $175.58 out of the $230.09 needed to pay for the chat software, hosting, and domain for the year. We're still looking for about 4-5 people to contribute $12.78 a piece in order to cover the rest of the costs so that we can stay open past March 22. If you're interested in donating, please e-mail me at Thanks.

In Memory of Aloysius (1988-2011)

09/27/2011 (12:00 AM)

It's with great sorrow that I have to inform you that long time chatter Justin Green (aka Aloysius) has passed away at the young age of 23. He will always be remembered for his unique sense of humor and will be sorely missed by all of us that got to know him over the three year period that he came to S.A.S.C. Rest in peace Justin.


Four Year Anniversary

06/23/2011 (12:00 AM)

Today is the chats four year anniversary. Thanks again to everyone for supporting S.A.S.C.
Three Year Anniversary

06/23/2010 (12:00 AM)

Today is the chats three year anniversary. Thanks to everyone for supporting SASC.
Two Year Anniversary

06/23/2009 (12:00 AM)

Today is the chats two year anniversary. 
In Memory of Erica (1983-2009)

06/01/2009 (08:40 PM)

Sadly, new chatter Erica has passed away recently due to complications after heart surgery. Though she was only in the chat for a couple of weeks, she left a significant impression on everyone she came into contact with. Despite leading a difficult life, she still remained upbeat and friendly and will always be remembered by S.A.S.C. Rest in peace Erica.
Smiley Page

05/28/2009 (05:20 PM)

The smiley page has been updated with new smilies.
Chat Banner

11/05/2008 (10:05 PM)

If you're interested in supporting the chat, here is some code for an SASC banner that you can paste in your myspace, anxietytribe, sas, or anxiousliving profile:

<p><a href="" target="_blank"> <img border="0" src="" width="603" height="171"></a></p>

New Smilies

10/07/2008 (02:30 AM)

A whole bunch of new emoticons have been added. Please refer to the smilies page to see the updates.
A New Hope?

07/14/2008 (08:20 PM)

I never get my hopes up too high, but it's always nice to read stuff like this:
One Year Anniversary

06/23/2008 (12:00 AM)

Today is the chats one year anniversary. Not too bad for a place that doesn't really have a consistent source of new users. Look forward to posting a similar note again on 6/23/2009.
Myspace Page

06/01/2008 (06:30 PM)

The Myspace group page for the chat is up. If you have a myspace account and you want to add this group but are worried about others seeing the group, there is a way to hide groups. Go to account settings -> misc -> then uncheck "Display Groups in My Profile". Also, if there is anyone interested in helping to promote the Myspace or Facebook page, let me know.
News Updater

05/17/2008 (02:20 PM)

Now when you enter the chat room, the latest news entry title and date will be listed underneath the welcome message.
Facebook, New Users

04/15/2008 (08:45 AM)

The Facebook group page for Social Anxiety Support Chat is up, here is the link: Social Anxiety Support Chat Facebook Group. Also, for new users: right now we're expanding the chat and trying to bring in people from a bunch of different places. If you come into the chat and it's empty, I recommend book marking the users page and trying to come back another time.
Subpage Format, Titles, Links

04/12/2008 (04:35 AM)

The subpage format has changed a little bit (different banner, smaller font) and the page titles are not abbreviated anymore. Also, if you want to help the site increase its Google rank, link to the main page from your AnxietyTribe profile or any page that you're comfortable doing so. If you post on a board, putting a link in your signature also helps.
About Section Complete

04/09/2008 (01:40 AM)

The about section has been completed and contains general information on the chat as well as demographical and rules information.
World Clock, Docked Window

04/07/2008 (05:15 AM)

A world clock has been added to the map page and the heading of the docked chat window has been changed from "Social Anxiety Support Chat" to "S.A.S.C.".
New Smiley Page, Tree Hotspot

04/06/2008 (11:30 PM)

Two updates: 1) the smiley page has been changed to match the rest of the site and 2) a button has been added to all of the sub page banners where the tree is so that when you click on it it will take you to the main page.
Two New Sections

04/05/2008 (02:30 AM)

Two new sections have been added: the news page will keep you up to date with changes to the site or technical difficulties and the users page has a real time list of who is currently in the chat. The lay out of the site has also been changed dramatically.